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Emerges Blockchain Media: the site to follow the process of decentralization of cultural and creativ

Blockchain is building around the economy of attention the model of the creative and cultural industries of the XXI Century. A concept explained by Nobel laureate, Herbert Alexander Simon, in a world rich in information, wealth of information means the scarcity of what consumes such information: attention.

The economy of trust and attention generates a media system open to new experiences, new approaches and new types of business, where users are paid for the attention to their content and their advertising. Decentralization, the main value of the blockchain technology, transforms the way creators relate to the public, eliminating intermediaries and establishing a direct relationship between creators and recipients.

The great number of companies that are emerging around this concept is the proof that the future of the media goes through from the value of a diffuse audience to the value of the attention measured with high precision.

If you are one of the main players of decentralization in the cultural and creative industries, write to us and tell us what you do and we will include you in our register of people and companies.

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