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The place to follow  the decentralization process in the cultural and creative industries. One of the main consequences of the application of The Blockchain technology

Blockchain Media

open until dawn

Economies of confidence and attention generate a Media more open to new experiences, new proposals, and new types of business. Where users are paid for the attention  in the content and the advertising

Blockchain gives editors and creators the control over the copyrights, forcing copyright companies to reinvent themselves. Decentralization, the main feature of The Blockchain technology, is transforming the way creators relate to the public, eliminating intermediaries and establishing a direct relationship between creators and consumers

Journalism without intermediaries

Journalists find new career opportunities in a decentralized media system


Blockchain will radically change the structure of creative industries

Blockchain promises to leave content aggregators and associations managing copyright out of the ecosystem

Blockchain allows micropayments for content, thus, reconfiguring prices and the way to distribute revenue through advertising

Smart contracts allow the automatic distribution of revenue to all actors: creators, advertisers and users

Blockchain, besides creating a greater privacy control in social networks,  also enables users to monetize the content they create and share

Blockchain enables peer-to-peer advertising markets, facilitating direct negotiation between advertisers and publishers

 Blockchain makes  rewarding the economy of attention easier. Media users may be rewarded with micropayments for viewing ads.

Blockchain will decentralize the film , music and television industries, giving creators the ability to relate to their audiences and eliminate intermediaries

Blockchain allows consumers to become producers of films or television series they want to see, allowing them to participate in the benefits

Blockchain gives users the power to puntuate content creators and then they are remunerated based on those opinions



  • Record every new business experience in the decentralization of the cultural and entertainment industries

  • Analysis of trends in decentralization processes

  • Meetings with the main players in the decentralization industry

  • If you are one of the main players of the decentralization in the cultural industries, contact us and tell us what you do and we will include in our companies list

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